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University of Life

A Center for Experiential, Lifelong Learning & Sustainable Living  



Purpose of O.L.F.I -  is to provide a common legal awareness platform for all the Institutions. Parents and Individual who are are in support of Open learning in India. We found need of such forum during our recent Public Interest Litigation in support of Open learning. Members of this forum can post Research,Scientific reports/database, Court Rulings, Grievances, Success stories,  etc on the Forum's group.

It is a platform to unify and represent the work of alternative / open learning education / non-formal schools/institutes. These pioneers have developed methodologies for child centered learning, evolved the philosophy, psychology of child development and cognition of the learning mind and established spaces for learning where they are validating that learning, like breathing is a completely natural process of living. 

The R.T.E (Right To Education) 2009 act has used the understanding generated by many of these thinkers and practitioners of education. But it has forgotten to provide space for their existence and continuation of further work in the realm of education from the prospective of the child. In consideration of the right of every child to freedom of life and expression, taking cognizance of varied learning abilities, interests, skills and natural talents of Children, the complex Plurality of the people of this country as well as the numerous socio-cultural-economic conditions prevalent there is a need to work collectively for creating conducive education opportunities for all children in India

JOIN THE GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/OLFI2015/