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University of Life

A Center for Experiential, Lifelong Learning & Sustainable Living  

Youth Internship at "University of Life" 


 “University of Life ”,formerly known as "School Without Walls is a community center for sustainaible living - a laboratory of education. The village where the center is based is a Land of Culture and Natural beauty. Whatever your interests you will find something for you in volunteering at “University of Life”, as long as you are passionate about learning, teamwork and nature. The benefits are endless. Interns will have the experience of a lifetime - the hardest part will be coming home again! Apart from the normal backpacking benefits - finding yourself, becoming more independent, meeting new people, experiencing new food, cultures and different lifestyles - they gain in so many other ways. Interns have the opportunity to learn new language and embrace different cultures perhaps changing their way of thinking. Young Interns often start new hobbies such as nature photography, container gardening, recycling and composting inspiring them to sustainable living.

Duration: The projects can be short term (1 day to 4 weeks) or long term (6-12 months) 



Kindly fill up below mentioned online arrival form (Intern outside India)


Kindly fill up below mentioned online arrival form (Indian Resident Intern)



Rohit Gupta, Jammu, India : 


Rafael Raybois, France



Patricia Avila Maiota, Brazil