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University of Life

A Center for Experiential, Lifelong Learning & Sustainable Living  

                                                                                VISUAL DOCUMENTATION 


Innovating education - Euronews "Learning world" in association with WISE (World innovation summit for education) an initiative of Qatar Foundation


Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi (remake of To night's the night)  - Documentary made by BBC production on "University of Life" aired on Star plus, 13th December,2015 on Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi hosted Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.Watch the Full show on Hotstar 


Ed Talks (38 min) : Mind Mingle Ed Talks on "Transforming Education Mind Mingle Ed Talks on "Transforming Education from the ground up" held on 30th April & 1st May, 2016 at Scope Complex New Delhi.Ed Talks are meant to expose school leaders to the ideas of pioneer in education/extra-ordinary 

TEDxPanaji (16 min: 36 sec) : Combining simple science and technology with ancestral wisdom of rural life one can create a robust education system. This is demonstrated by University of Life which offers a real life education system to create sustainable living opportunities. This can stop the export of natural resources and human talent from rural areas to cities. Barely 25, Mohammad believes that his poverty is his strength and not his weakness. In 2003 he was the youngest fellow selected at Dr. Abhay Bang Nirmaan camp for youth. In the year 2007 after passing his class10th he joined “University of Life” in Dhamapur near Sawantwadi. He was invited by Prof A.G.Rao for a workshop at Industrial Design Center at I.I.T, Mumbai. Many newspapers published article on him. All these success made Mohammad look towards Mumbai city. He left his village in Konkan and migrated to Mumbai to work for a computer institute. In a little while he started his own institute. After working for 3-4 years he realized that city life was not his take. Mohammad decided to return back to his roots in Konkan. He is now a Managing Trustee of University of Life. He will soon become the President. He is also leading Swayam a for-profit Joint-liability-Group of young intern students at University of life.


A Day in the life of Syamantak (30 min) : This film was done on live on the progress of “school without walls”. All filming was done in a non-invasive style with no scripts and rehearsals. Prof. Rahat Yusuft has been an independent film maker since 1987. He was appointed Professor and Head of Department of Film Direction and Screen writing at the film and TV institute at Pune. He has awards for cinematic excellence from Toronto, Karlovi Veri and Cascrow. He also has two National Awards in 1991 for best film on environment. His films have been screened in the prestigious “Spectrum India” during the International Film Festival of India at New Delhi and at the Beirut International Film Festival in 1997.You can watch the film online on the Culture unplugged foundation website:-www.cultureunplugged.com/play/1604/A-Day-In-The-Life-of-Syamantak 


The spiritual journey of Dhamapur Lake (7 min: 14 sec):  This film was done by Vivek Jangid, a student of NID and Intern at Syamantak "University of Life". 



ABSTRACT : Syamantak

Presented at a National Level workshop on "Network and Linkages among The Indian Universities" held at ICSSR, J.P.Naik Bhavan, University of Mumbai. 




Slide show on successful construction and functioning of ferrocement biogas which runs on cow dung & human excreta.