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University of Life

A Center for Sustainable Living, Long Life & Experiential Learning   

A ferro-cement basin

(size 21” X 52”) made by 2007 batch (cost Rs.693)

 Ferro-cement is a thin cement mortar laid over wire mesh, which acts as a reinforcement. It is relatively cheap, strong and durable, and the basic technique is easily acquired.



Kitchen waste Bio Gas unit

Carbon credits are awarded to students for saving L.P.G. gas and electricity. In order to save L.P.G. gas students made a low-cost biogas system from kitchen waste.



Production of coal from Biomass 

Students gave free of charge hygiene service to the nearby primary school. School serves mid-meal to the children. This facilitated students to collect additional kitchen waste and produce more gas.



Training Organic farmers in the development of Natural products

Through community projects we aim to channelize the Indigenous knowledge, Organic farming practices, and production of Natural food products with the need to bring education in closer alignment with community. This disciplines reflect the processess by which children classify experience. It promotes more economical learning and a structure for organizing, and thus, simplify undertanding.



A simple water pumping system made by Mohammad Sheikh for which he received an ‘innovation star award’.

Water supply for agriculture activities was major problem. In order to transfer water from the near by well Mohammad Shaikh developed a simple mechanism using rubber visors (made from cycle tube) and a pvc pipe.



Fear to fail in examinations, loose our jobs, market recessions and so on….. fear! It is possible in a school of this kind to help these children to have no fear whatsoever. Help these children to be honest, incorruptible. Help these children to become a holistic mind.