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University of Life

A Center for Sustainable Living, Long Life & Experiential Learning   

University of life education may appear to others as vocational education, but is not. What we are aiming at is not vocational education, but education using real life activities as a medium. Students at University of Life benefits from the way they learn things - by actually doing them.This is not something they learned in their school or college. Our emphasis is on learning while doing in real life. We believe that working with your hands is what teaches you best.  

Swapnil Patil, age 19, conducting a playgroup for village kids.  




Students take their meals together. Common kitchen is a place to exchange idea, values and discussion on various topics. A record of grocery and calories intake is maintained by students in spreadsheet program.




Students collected “Nirmalya” during the Ganeshji emersion at our beautiful Dhamapur Lake. Students made compost fertilizer from the bio-mass waste. Computerized statistics were made by students.



Nirmalya collected:169kg

Plastic collected: 60 kg





Toilet construction contract in village. Students earned Rs. 4,200 from the services rendered











Blood test, soil test & water test conducted by students














Sewing and knitting techniques.





Student of “school without walls” conducting computer class













Plane table survey