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University of Life

A Center for Sustainable Living, Long Life & Experiential Learning   


                                                                Welcome to "University of Life" 

Syamantak’s "University of Life" is a center for experiential, life long learning and sustainable development located at Dhamapur village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India. 

Our education is related to our Mother Earth & nobody should be forced to leave his village for bread, butter & education. None should be detached from his Mother soil for the sake of keeping body and soul together. We had, in days of yore, excellent architects,super human, medical men,amazing space walkers, all that in villages. None of the great that time had to leave their villages. WHY NOW? We need not go to foreign countries or metros for higher education. 

Syamantak is inspired by Dr.Srinath Kalbag,who brought life into our vision, his wife Meera Kalbag our beloved Amma connecting us from science to spirituality, and our greatest teacher, our spiritual master, Former Judge Mr Subhashchandra Desai, fondly known as Dadaji. His blessings is a book of wisdom.

"University of Life" is a residential commune of Youth. Processes of self-designed organic learning run by the community of youth. t may appear to others as vocational education. What we are aiming is not vocational education, but education using real life activities as a medium of spiritual self-evolvement, exploration of basic social entrepreneurship skills with the perspective of ecological sustainability and social justice.We invite to "University of Life" all those who thirst for progress and aspire to a higher and truer life.



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No one owns knowledge. We are only medium of knowledge.